Dress Code

Hayden Middle School will follow the guidelines outlined in section 5.7 of the Blount County Parent-Student Handbook and Student Code of Conduct.

HMS Dress Code – Adapted from Blount County Handbook

  1. Leggings - These are defined as form fitting pants, regardless of fabric type. If leggings are worn, then the skirt, pants or dress that is worn with them must meet the dress code as if the student were not wearing leggings. In other words, girls who are wearing leggings must dress as if they are not wearing the leggings.  Shorts, dresses or skirts must be within 4 inches of the knee, regardless of whether or not the student is wearing leggings. This is measured by having the student kneel on the floor and measuring from the floor to the skirt, dress or shorts.

  2. Jeans with holes – If a hole/cut/tear is within four inches of the knee, it must be covered with a permanently affixed patch on the outside.  Tape over holes is not a sufficient patch.

  3. Tank tops are sleeveless tops that have narrow straps. The back is shaped like an hour glass or described as razor back.  These do not meet dress code unless a t-shirt is under the tank top. Tank tops may be worn under tops that are not sheer or see through.

  4. Sheer or see-through tops do not meet dress code unless there is a shirt under the sheer top that meets dress code.(No tank or spaghetti straps)

  5. Tops that are partially sheer (often described as burn-out tops) should only be worn over a top that is in dress code.  

  6. Spaghetti straps do not meet dress code.  Tanks or spaghetti strap tops cannot be worn with a jacket, shrug or other article of clothing that is designed to be worn over the top of other clothing and be easily removed.

  7. Jeggings – These are leggings made of denim-looking material, and they fall in the same category as regular leggings. See #1 above for definition and information.

  8. Layered dresses or skirts that have sheer layers must be no more than 4 inches from the floor when child is kneeling.  Uneven layers of a dress or skirt should be measured at the shortest point.

  9. Low rise pants or jeans should not expose skin in the front or back.  Please check the back of the pants or jeans when seated.

  10. High rise tops do not meet the dress code.  The stomach should not be exposed when the arms are extended above the head.

  11. Skinny jeans are allowed.  However the dress code specifies clothes should not be excessively tight or form-fitting.

  12. Muscle shirts are shirts with extra-large arm holes.  These do not meet the dress code.

  13. T-shirts with words that have several different meanings are in violation of dress code if the words are suggestive or offensive to others.

  14. Undergarments should not be visible at any time.

  15. 15.  Pants/shorts that have writing on the back (seat) are prohibited.

  16. Pajama/lounging/scrub pants are prohibited.

  17. Hair that is not a natural color is prohibited.

  18. Shorts must not be more than 4 inches above the knee.

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